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Saturday, 14 Apr 2018


Welcome to notworkd.com - the newest (probably irrelevant) Networking, Cloud, SDN, Technology blog by a bloke employed to make all this stuff work, but who normally finds himself as more of a Notwork Engineer than a Network Engineer.

My hope in making this blog is to help out anyone in the same boat as me, who finds themselves working for a larger company (where various Technologies and Vendors are thrust upon us, rather than bring coded in-house or self-chosen) - and to act as a a bit of a FAQ/How To, for the various stuff I'll be talking about. Ditto, I'd like to get a bit more involved in "the Community", rather than just being a ardent lurker; so doing this gives me a nice platform to contribute something back (quite what the worth of that will be, I'm not yet sure).

Things I reckon I'll talk about

A short list of things I hope I'll be talking about in coming posts and months:

  • Enterprise Networking
  • Service Provider Networking
  • Struggling to get to grips with Cloud stuff (I thought vPC was a Cisco thing, not an AWS thing...)
  • Juniper Firewalls and Routers
  • Cisco Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Wireless LAN Controllers, ISE Nodes, NAC, other gubbins
  • A dislike for the speed I can't do Visio diagrams at
  • Learning about SysAdmin and SysOps Linux black magic (SSH Tunneling - We proxied your TCP through an SSH Tunnel, so you can Proxy while you Proxy your Proxy, Bro)
  • Documenting those pesky Gotchas with pretty much every Vendor's newest "Never Breaks this, honest 'Guv" feature

Fancy getting in touch

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Let's get the party started

Hmm, as soon as I find the "Play" button on this bad boy, I reckon we're in business with this Cloud jazz. Must be around here somewhere... The remote control to the Cloud