This should be a twee piece about how passionate I am about (Computer) Networking; Cloud; Software Defined Networking (SDN); Virtualisation and so on, but I'm not prepared to write that. Why? Because I'll probably be writing these posts mid-troubleshooting some problem or other, and my thinking at that time will be more along the lines of "Why won't you just work already!", rather than "Wow, what a great thing from is, I'm glad that you're denying me a pint at the pub...".

Which is exactly why I'll be writing this blog - to enable people who actually like and do this "Networking" and "Cloud" thing all day long to continue to still like it, and give them a nice little guiding light on how to solve their problem (and myself, since we're/I'm deflecting; because I'll be re-reading the fixes to these mistakes and adventures I'll be repeating, I'm sure...).

So no twee introduction for you, Dear Readers; just "Yet another blog about Networking, Computers and the Interwebz" featuring stuff I'm playing with/tweaking/frantically trying to make work, such as:

  • Networking (Switches/Routers/Optical/Transmission/IP/TCP/UDP)
  • Security (Firewalls/IDS/IPS/APS)
  • Compute (Virtualisation/Hypervisors/Raspberry Pi's/IoT/IIoT)
  • Storage (SANs/NAS/Cluster/SDS)
  • Middleboxen (Load Balancers/Application Security Gateways/Forward Proxies/Reverse Proxies)

In the end, it's all probably started because something has ended up having notworkd...

(And moan though I might, I do love it so. Bah, it's turned out twee after all...)

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